Strategic Apex Group LLC

Market Intelligence

How well are your executives paid as compared to the competition?

What type of pay-benefits-perks programs are used by other companies?

What new marketplace practices should you consider?

Pay-Performance Monitor

Are there ways to improve your incentive programs to better motivate executives?

Are you striking the right balance between performance and pay? Between short-term and long-term pay?

Do you use the right performance measures and targets?

Do you have the appropriate mix of salary, incentives and benefits?

Proxy Watch

How will your pay programs be reported under the new proxy reporting rules?

How are companies reacting to the new reporting rules?

What type of program changes should you make to avoid potential problems?

Can your programs be more shareholder friendly

Retention Scorecard

Do you have the right set of programs to retain your best people?

Wealth maximization

Equity handcuffs

Deferral opportunities, benefit security, performance-based benefits

Employment contracts, change in control protection

Complexity Management

How can you ensure that your programs comply with the myriad of regulatory requirements (tax, accounting, SEC)

What is the easiest way to transition your programs after a merger, spin-off, acquisition?

Board of Directors Update

What are the recent trends in Board pay and Board practices that provide the most value for the company and its employees and shareholders?

What is the best approach for paying your Board members?

Are there changes to governance practices worth considering for your Board?